About ManuversCon

We are an annual gaming convention featuring Board Gaming, Miniatures, Collectable Card Games, and Role Playing.

Short History

There is no history for ManuversCon yet, as 2017 will be our first year.  Looking forward to next year this time when I can write about all the fun and excitement which was had during our first convention.

Who are we

  • Jeff Lawrence - Lured to the dark side when Richard Houston’s game store was still open on Meridian; Jeff has carried the torch through a tough marriage with HMGS, managing TwisterCons, and Fort Worth Wars all but 3 years since 1995. He approaches gaming from a totally “what if” perspective; with original Wargames like Whiskey Flats, Kelly’s Heroes, Born In E. LA, Bonnie & Clyde, Casablanca, Dogfight, Little Big Horn, and Thermopylae pushing the outer limits every time. This convention he’s bringing “Chasin Down a Hoodoo There” (a different Zombie game), plus a massive 28mm Bolt Action/Konflikt 47 "Fight for the Bunker-Berlin”.

    Shakespeare having a favorite quote “the play is the thing”, is what Jeff believes should always apply to our hobby.

  • Cal Kinzer -  Cal has been wargaming, in one form or another, for most of his 64 years. Growing up as an only son on an isolated farm in rural Okmulgee County, Oklahoma, he had to learn how to entertain himself at an early age. After first acquiring his interest in military history upon seeing John Wayne's Alamo movie at the age of seven, he played with 54mm plastic figures from the old Marx play sets. Then he moved on to make up his first rules for solo games using plastic pieces from the American Heritage board games. While in junior high, he played against his first opponent using spray-painted "green Army men," and progressed from there to playing Risk and Avalon Hill board games with friends in high school. He also experimented with miniatures gaming using 20mm Airfix plastics and 25mm Heritage metal figures. While he was in college during the early-70's, the first 15mm figures started coming out and this, for the most part, has remained his principal figure scale to this day. His miniatures collections include everything from Ancients through World War II, with an emphasis on the American Revolution, Napoleonics and the American Civil War. During the 1980's he briefly tried his hand at writing rules, self-publishing The Blue and the Gray and Tricolor (even managing to sell a few copies of each!) He lives in Tulsa and is very excited about helping to bring a wargaming convention to the area.

  • Tim Harwood – Long timer historical gamer, who started with plastic miniatures when growing up in England in the 60’s & 70’s before moving to Tulsa in 1975. Here he evolved through board wargames, Fantasy role playing and now with mainly historical miniatures. His passion has always been the Napoleonic period, but enjoys most periods up to the end of the black powder era and dabbles in more modern genres on occasion. Has been involved in event planning for many years through work. Created the “Sharpe Experience” at Historicon in 2009 with Support of Bernard Cornwell, Jason Salkey (Rifleman Harris) and in support of Project Hougoumont the restoration of which was completed for Waterloo 200 in 2015. Has been an active gamer in gaming clubs in Florida and Oklahoma for many years and is happy and proud to help establish “ManeuversCon”, giving Tulsa is own Gaming Convention.

  • Jeff Hunt - Lunatic at large. Worked as slave labor at Heritage Miniatures in the late 70's as a spin caster soaking up as much lead as possible. Soon after the PC was invented and off he went getting sucked down the digital path (paying jobs.) Involved with Dallas gaming conventions from 1980-1983 and Origins in 1984. Jeff started his own miniatures company in 1997, "Portsmouth Miniatures and Games", creating 1:900 scale Napoleonic Naval Miniatures. Jeff was also was part of the great team of people involved with Wolfhound Games as their WebMaster, game designer and playtester. In the more recient times he was our WebMaster for both TwisterCon and Fort Worth Wars. Early 2013 he published a new board game "Chung Ling Soo Murder Mystery". During the summer of 2013 published card games "Heart Attack" and "PUCK!". In 2014 Portsmouth Miniatures and Games published their own rules for Napoleonic Naval called "Bloody Broadsides" and started carrying works of art of the Napoleonic Naval period. In Summer 2016 Portsmouth Miniatures and Games will release their new version of 1:900 scale Napoleonic ships which have been completely redesigned using modern 3D design and printing techniques.